The Brief

Gooey Digital are an digital marketing and seo company. The brief was for a clean, contemporary website with a fun, approachable feel.

Gooey Digital did not have a website at all so they came to us to create an online presence for them. We started with a logo design which then led to a development of a colour scheme and an overall feel for the site.

The Solution

Due to the nature of their business, the site was going to be text heavy, so the challenge was to break this up and create interesting, uncluttered pages that showed the key points clearly and easily to potential customers.

The focus of the site is to lead customers to browse their services and then contact them for more information and attention and authority in the brand is gained through the blog that features on the home page as well as it own section.

Bold use of contemporary colours and quirky images give the design the distinctive look that Gooey wanted.