The following Terms & Conditions of Service apply to all graphic design products and services provided by Bridget Designs. In the event of any dispute are governed by the laws of England.

All work is carried out by Bridget Designs on the understanding that the client has agreed to our terms and conditions.


Copyright & Source Files

Copyright to the finished design work remains with Bridget Designs. If a selection of designs are sent to the client, only the chosen design will be deem to fulfil the contract and other design remain the property of Bridget Designs.

We will provide such files as are requested in the brief or are deemed necessary for the intended use of the design work. We will also provide proofs for review before sending the final print or web ready files.

Fees for the design work do not cover the release of copyright of the design source files, if the client required these to pass on to in house or other designs, this will require and additional buy out fee.


The brief, fees and revisions allowed will be included in the specific project quotation sent to the client. Additional revisions or work not covered by the original brief will carry an additional fee. These fees are payable as soon as the additional quotation is accepted.


Any timescale provided by Bridget Designs should be considered an estimate. Bridget Designs cannot be held liable or responsible for any project over runs, whatever the reason. Estimate project duration is from the date that the deposit fee is received by Bridget Designs.

Printing Specifications

Please ensure that you provide accurate dimensions and specifications for all design projects and review them carefully with your printer. Proofs will be provided for client review and the client will need to confirm by email that they are happy will the design work before final files are released. Bridget Designs is not liable for an incurred costs for reprinting design work if the client has failed to provide the correct specifications, check the proofs for errors, colour correction or other issues, or due to printers error.

Payment of Fees

All fees payable will be sent to the client in the design quotation. We require a no refundable deposit of 50% of the total fee up front in order to start the project. Payment of this fee acts as an acceptance of these Term & Conditions.

Full payment of the final 50% is due one receipt of the final proof. Publication or release of the work is not permitted until final payment has been made.

Payments are due on receipt of the invoice and must be paid within seven days. A late payment fee of 5% of the total invoice amount will be charged after seven days, every day, until payment is made.

Payments should be made by BACS transfer. Card payments available on request.

Design Credits

The client agree that Bridget Designs may include a small credit on printed or online design work and may use the design work on the website, social media or in printed media to publicise their work.

Assignment of Work

Bridget Designs reserves the right to use sub contractors if necessary to enhance, or complete your project.


Should you wish to terminate the design project for any reason, the deposit is non refundable and any work completed over and above the cost of the deposit must be paid for in full. All design work remains copyright to Bridget Designs, including all design concepts sent up to that point.

Acceptance of Terms & Conditions

Ordering products and services from Bridget Designs is deemed to be an acceptance of these Terms and Conditions which are available on Email confirmation is deemed of acceptance of a quotation or proposal and payment of the deposit constitutes and agreement to comply with its terms.