Content is King, especially when it comes to being found on search engines for the right terms. We provide a range of content services to engage your customers, show your brand’s expertise and get your website found.

Basic Error Check

Is your site error-free?

Visitors will not tolerate or trust a site with errors. Why should they?
In fact, assuming you are unprofessional, they will leave it to find another.
Result: you’ve lost a customer, and your SEO ranking is reduced
I will check your website for grammar, spelling and general flow of text. I will list corrections, and suggest changes. Even small changes can make a huge difference to customer confidence. Visitors will stay longer on your site, boosting your SEO ranking.

At a basic introductory cost, this is a small investment. You won’t be let down by your site, and your visitors will stay around to find out what you offer.

Prices from £50

UX and Usability

Does your site flow and inform?

It’s important to check your site for Usability – in other words, how easy it is to navigate your site.
In addition, it’s advisable to consider User Experience (UX). This includes flow, spelling and grammar (see Level 1 above). But it also casts an eye on how helpful your sections are. Is the pertinent information clear and correct? No unnecessary waffle? Professional, accurate and useful for what your visitors need?
And there’s more!
Is the tone of voice appropriate for you site? How you write for a car mechanic, is not the same as how you write for high end beauty treatments or a firm of accountants. Not if you want your customers to stay on your site.

I will check over your site and recommend any changes.

Prices from £100

Editing Your Content

Is the content you’ve written up to scratch?

Fantastic! You’re having a new website built, and have decided to write the content yourself. Why not? You know your business and your customers. However, having your content edited by a professional copywriter will ensure: error-free text; a consistent tone; good user experience (UX); a clear structure.
Sound attractive?
You supply the content you’ve written, and I work with you to make it as effective as possible. Sorted!

£45 per hour

Creating Your Content

Let me do the hard work for you.

I am experienced writer. I work with a wide range of businesses and organisations, asking nosy questions to find out precisely what they do, and then working out the most effective way to convey this in words to your readers.
I will meet with you, ensure that I understand your service and then create the content you need for your site. This could be for the entire site, or for sub-sections. Your content will flow, be concise, have an agreed and consistent tone of voice, include SEO and have great usability.

£45 per hour / Quote for project