The Design Process

Stage one: Design concepts

Following on from a design consultation and research, I will create a selection of at least three or four initial concept designs, based on the brief we have discussed, which I will email to you, within two weeks of receiving the deposit or from the project start date.

From these initial design concepts, you can select a design that you like the best, or a combination of different parts of the designs that you like. If you feel that none of the designs is quite right, I will create one additional set of design concepts based on the brief, following a second design consultation.

After this stage, should you wish to have a further set of completely new design concepts, or want to change the design significantly from the original brief (at any time), an additional fee of £75 will be charged per new set of designs. Otherwise we will progress to stage two.

Stage two: Refining the design

Once you have selected a design concept that you like, I will work with you to refine that design. You may have up to four design revisions (though this may include several minor variations within a revision idea) of your chosen design from this point. Additional revisions after this may carry an extra charge, depending on the work required.

Once the final design is confirmed I will also produce an alternative layout (where appropriate) of the design for use in smaller spaces such as logo profiles, plus versions of the design for use on a dark and / or light background.

Stage three: file delivery

Once the final logo designs are approved, I will deliver your logo design to you in a package of several high quality, professional digital files, for both professional printing and use on the web.

Included in the package will be jpeg, png, pdf, eps (vector) and pdf versions of your logo and alternative versions, in several sizes, in both print ready and web ready formats. Also included will be a style guide with the colours and fonts used in the logo, where appropriate and a guide to the file sizes and formats.

Vector files are special files that can be scaled to any size without loss of quality. Please note, you may not be able to open this file yourself without specialist vector software, but this is the file you should send to professional printers or designers.

On receipt of the final payment I will send you a link to an online secure storage space where you can download the files. All files must be downloaded within one week of receipt of the link. Please note, I cannot send the completed logo files until the final payment for the logo has been paid in full.

Should you wish to also have any of the other different designs created during the logo process, in addition to your chosen design, a separate fee of £150 will be payable for each individual extra design.                

What Both Parties Agree To

You (The Client) agree to give me (Bridget Designs) everything I need to complete the project, by the time requested, and in the format needed. You also agree to provide feedback and review the work in a timely fashion and to ensure that I have everything needed to complete the project. You also agree to stick to the payment schedule as set out in this contact and to abide by its terms.

I agree to provide you with a completed professional logo, that meets the requirements for the project, in a timely and professional manner and that I have the necessary experience and ability to do everything that has been agreed to and will do everything to ensure that the project is completed on time. All your information remains confidential to Bridget Designs.


Once completed and the final fee has been paid, I assign you rights to use your logo design for your business in any media, exclusively and in perpetuity. Copyright for the finished design remains with Bridget Designs, though this can be transferred, if required, on arrangement, at no addiitonal cost.

All design concepts and additional artwork aside from the completed logo, sent to the client during the logo design process remains copyright to Bridget Designs and may not be used by the client unless bought separately (see above).

You are not permitted to use any other design created during the logo process at any time, or your chosen design unless full payment has been made.


I affirm that my logo designs are original and that I own the rights granted under this agreement, and that the rights granted do not conflict any other agreement.

Please note I cannot recreate other people’s designs or designs I have made for other clients. Should your design idea be too close to another logo that I am aware of, I will advise you of this and take steps to adapt the design to ensure it is suitably different to ensure an original design.


Any timescale provided by Bridget Designs should be considered an estimate. Bridget Designs cannot be held liable or responsible for any project over runs, whatever the reason. Estimate project duration is from the date that the deposit fee is received by Bridget Designs unless agreed otherwise.


Should you wish to terminate the design project for any reason, the deposit is non-refundable and any work completed over and above the cost of the deposit must be paid for in full.

Should this not cover the work I have already completed for you at the point of termination, you will pay and additional fees for any work completed up to this point to the value of £75 per sheet of design concepts and £40 per additional revision completed and then our contract will be terminated.

Should you not provide feedback or requested items needed to complete the project within 30 days of the request the project shall be considered cancelled.

All design work remains copyright to Bridget Designs, including all design concepts sent up to that point.


The client agrees that Bridget Designs may store all relevant information about the client required to complete the project and that that information may be kept on file for the purposes for support and maintenance in the future, unless the Client specifically requests us to remove it.

Bridget Designs agrees that all personal and sensitive data will be kept securely and managed in accordance with GDPR. For more information please see the Privacy Policy on our website at