TS Coaching provides multi sports coaching in schools and the community and also runs specialist football and rugby academies.

They had an existing website, but were looking to grow the company and felt that it needed a more up to date, professional look, and to be mobile responsive as well. They were looking for a clean, attractive, modern website that is engaging and easy to navigate.

They were also looking to split the different aspects of the company as they have different target markets, and since franchising the business, they also needed a way for franchisees to enter their own events/sessions and for registrations to be automated.


We provided a central website, shopping experience and online events system with three separate sections of the site, designed to appear as separate websites, one for each area of the business.

The site features a Franchisee and Staff area, with the ability for them to post their own events and manage those, as well as an online shop.

  • One central shop that has both products and events / sessions
  • The option for franchisees to enter their own events without having access to the full shop / site admin
  • Different websites / or different areas on one central website for Football Academy and Rugby Academy, but linked to a central shop
  • Ability for customers to search for sessions by location and by category.