Devilstick Peat

Bridget Designs
26th Apr 2016

When it comes to technology I’m a Luddite, even calculators scare me. So when I decided my website needed updating I had no choice but to find a web designer. Several were recommended to me and after contacting them all I chose Bridget Designs due to her work and customer care.

She listened to my ideas. Researched other websites in my trade (I’m a children’s entertainer) to see what design was most suited to my site. Then came back to me with her own ideas. She worked surprisingly quickly and all through the project she kept me up to date on the progress. Most importantly of all, when she spoke to me she used jargon free language that even I could understand!

Once built and approved by me she swapped it over with my old site then, at a time that suited me, I sat in front of my computer whilst she talked me through how to update it and make changes.

Now, thanks to Bridget Designs, I’m confident in managing my own website. In fact (and I never thought id say this) I’m actually enjoying managing my website!

I have no problem recommending Bridget Designs, my only hesitation is that my competitors will see this review and end up with a website as good as mine! Please feel free to contact me should you have any questions over the excellent service Bridget designs provided me with.